HOME is an original film written and directed by Ben Craig, produced by Braw Production and created by collaborating studios and artists on this site, plus trusted partners. Please check out the credits for details.

About Braw

Concept art by Igor Alban “the Black Frog” Chevalier

Braw Production is a hub of international creative and production talent, working across a variety of formats and content for the entertainment industry.

We create bespoke collaborations with established studios and global freelancers, from industry veterans to the best new talent, all supported and overseen by Producer Debbie Ross.

The Braw culture focuses on creativity and encourages people to collaborate and play to their strengths. We make the most of international talent and we're agile and flexible in our structure because we know one size doesn't fit all.

Many of us already have a history of working together and our strong relationships and shared passions are the pillars of Braw. You can meet our key players here, plus we have a continually expanding community of other contributors – from large studios to individual freelancers

Debbie Ross



Debbie has always loved working with creative people and supporting talented teams to make amazing content.

She started producing live action 25 years ago and moved into high-end animation half way through her career. Over that time she’s developed many close and trusted relationships with international clients, studios, freelancers, producers and directors. It's this valuable network of people, combined with her many years of experience, that inspired Debbie to start Braw Production. Check out HOME which she produced by bringing together a core team of talent from Braw plus some specialist colleagues.

Understanding the needs of projects and clients is an essential part of her job and Debbie’s forthright production skills ensure things are dealt with proactively and transparently - keeping it real on all levels. That solid foundation allows her to have fun working alongside teams to support and encourage them to create their best work.

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Our Talent

Braw is very much creatively driven with a focus on quality. We also place huge importance on honest communication and accountability, so our creative ambition is supported with feasibility. We have options to run productions from established collaborating studios or can work in a virtual set up, bringing together the best talent from around the world as we did with our showpiece film HOME. Check out our Braw teams.


Pixoloid Studios crop
Pixoloid Studios

Pixoloid Studios is a Budapest based concept design studio specializing in pre-production design and visual problem solving for projects of the entertainment industry (films, games, animation, advertising and publishing). They offer a wide range of creative services from complete pitch development, concepts for movies and animations, game cinematic design and art direction.

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FML Still
Feed Me Light

Feed Me Light is a London based creative studio specializing in character animation that's fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Their motto: put positive vibes out there and those positive vibes will come back in.

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Honkfu splash

HonkFu is a boutique animation studio focusing on character design. Being based in Moscow, Russia, where Western and Eastern cultures meet, HonkFu cherish their unique visual approach and strive to share it with the world through their work.

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Guardians main
Territory Studio

Territory Studio is a creative specialist with a unique approach to motion design, visual effects and digital experiences. Drawing on deep expertise of narrative design for film, games and brands, we blend creative with technology to realise compelling future facing experiences.

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MASSRA Still Image
Massra Studios

Massra Studios create cutting edge art, design and IP development that's outside the norm and beyond the expected.

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Bellolandia Still

Bellolandia is a design, concept and 2d animation studio with a unique and appealing personality. Influenced by Sakuga and Action Cinematography and combining urban culture with fantasy, they deliver contemporary edge and crazy energy with professional flair.

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Fond Films Still
Fond Films

Fond is a production company specialising in commercials. With over 30 years experience on both production and agency side, the Fond team work closely with their worldwide partners to produce TV commercials on a global scale.

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Hydra Studios

Hydra Studios specialise in high end cinematic content. We’re a new name but an experienced bunch, brought together by a love of what we do and a strong belief in how we should do it. Hydra creates a broad range of CGI animation, from photoreal character performances to stylised action. We welcome creative and technical challenges that heighten quality and inspire originality, pushing creative aspirations through the roof whilst keeping costs grounded.

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Sava Zivkovic Still
Sava Zivkovic

Sava directs high end photo realistic CGI with a strong focus on subtext, metaphor and purely visual storytelling. He enjoys close collaboration with designers and music composers, weaving story into every aspect of the content to create a cohesive, fully rounded and rich experience.

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Holding Image Goodrich crop
Brien Goodrich

Brien’s work is inspired by contrasts - Intimate stories juxtaposed against expansive worlds, inciting a central question: What happens when the ‘ordinary’ collides with the ‘fantastic’? Brien is the former Cinematic Director for HALO and his directorial work has landed him squarely at the convergence of actor performance, virtual production, CGI and real time engines. Each of these mediums represent fusions between the real world and the fantastic - collisions of technology and storytelling.

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Marc Denis Still
Marc and Denis Bouyer

With a knack for vibrant visuals and dynamic storytelling, this versatile duo of directors love exploring new themes and fresh ways to bring stories to life. Their work ranges from chaotic 'cartoon' humour to moody, dramatic cinematics, but always with Marc and Denis's flair for great composition and engaging character performance.

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Ben Craig Still
Ben Craig

Ben’s directing skills bridge both live action and CGI filmmaking. An ex agency creative he has unique expertise in generating both high concept ideas and dynamic visuals. Ben has thirst for the cinematic, concise storytelling and a decent coffee.

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Mate Hires Still
Mate Steinforth

Mate is a bold and inspiring filmmaker who's sensibilities lie in a strong graphic foundation. Mate's drive to innovate and explore new media has also gained him expertise in VR, interactive and other emerging technologies. Note: Mate is Partner and Creative Director of Sehsucht, a group of creators advising brands and businesses to develop exceptional visual experiences for all media channels. Together with Braw, Sehsucht is looking forward to exploring the space of CGI game trailers and beyond.

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Giles Still
Giles Lamb

Giles is an award winning soundtrack composer. He is highly experienced and versatile across cutting edge contemporary artworks, film, tv, trailers and cinematics, including his award winning score to the iconic Dead Island game trailer. His collaborations range from experimental VR to working with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

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Iz Final Still
Iz Svemira

Iz isn’t a genre oriented composer. He is a storyteller focused on sentimental impact. He wants audiences to feel what he feels. He works very closely with directors, in order to fully understand their visions, connects those visions to his personal experiences, delivering nothing short of raw, unprocessed emotion.

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Savalas Th1 Braw 191114

Savalas is Scotland’s largest audio-post facility. Their multi-award-winning team create immersive soundtracks for Commercials, Drama, Film, Television and Video Games. The facility houses a Dolby Atmos theatre and is Dolby Premier accredited.

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Braw Production